Michael+Damian+-+Rock+On+-+Snapped+-+3-+CD+SINGLE-448258In this series, I will revisit and explore songs I once owned on the long forgotten Cassingle (Cassette Single) format. Just like 45′s of the 1950′s-1980′s, the cassingle made it possible for kids like me to purchase one hit song off of an album, rather than the whole album… much like digital downloads do today. Growing up in the heyday of Cassette Singles, I had (and probably still do have) a fair amount of long lost one-hit-wonders from the late 1980′s and 1990′s. 

In 1989, Young & the Restless star Michael Damian rocked out with this Billboard #1 signle, Rock On. It’s actually a cover of a 1973 song by David Essex, which was much cooler.

For some reason, I bought this garbage.