1) Every town/city/venue has something named Mercado or Embarcodero


2) Tri tip sandwiches are everywhere

I guess tri tip is a cut of beef. I’ve never heard of it. I had it twice in CA.

3) There are bike lanes everywhere

Sometimes they’re allowed to take over entire traffic lanes. Sometimes, they can make intersections really interesting.

4) People really do talk like “The Californians” from SNL

5) It never rains

Everything looks like it’s about ready to spontaneously combust.
(Photo from my drive between Point Reyes Station and Petaluma)

6) I shouldn’t complain about $3.75/gal gas

7) “Back East” is a legitimate way to refer to the east coast

Because, you know, we’re like back in time over here.

8) San Diego is a major craft beer city

Stone, Mission, Ballast Point, Green Flash and a dozen other breweries are in the area.

9) Hills / Cliffs

Not exclusive to San Francisco. Not only are there hills everywhere, people build their homes on the sides of cliffs.

(Somewhere in San Diego)

(Cliff homes of Laguna Beach)

10) This


11) Talking Crosswalks



Lane Splitting is Legal

You know when a motorcycle comes zooming up the middle of two lanes of stopped or slow traffic. It’s legal in California. So much so that they have PSAs airing on television stations.

Caveat: It’s only legal when done safely.

Not only does it mention that in the ad, I also saw it in action while driving through Solana Beach, CA. A dirt bike passed me and the car beside me quite recklessly  prompting a local patrol car to put on the lights and sirens.