1) Toyota Solara – Looks like a dolphin on wheels.

2) Pontiac Aztec – Because everyone secretly wants to camp in their SUV.

3) Nissan Murano Convertible – Worst idea ever.


4) Mercedes CLA – So you wanted a $30k Merc? You got a car that looks like a football.

5) Cadillac CTS Coupe – Glass half full: It’s the batmobile. Glass half empty: It’s the batmobile.

6) Lexus SC430 – Oh, you’re so sophisticated with your throwback roadster.

7) Nissan Cube – Looks like a 1st gen iPod.

8) Nissan Quest – Because diving a minivan should be as embarrassing as possible.

9) Chrysler PT Cruiser – A major contributor to the Great Recession. I mean look at it.

10) Hyundai Veloster – You’re trying way too hard, bro. Way too hard.