Example 1:

Quite frequently, I visit a certain Dunkin Donuts location and a certain TD Bank branch. Neither of them have chosen to use ropes and posts to guide people into an orderly line. The result is quite confusing.

While the person in front of me is fiddling on their smart phone, comfortably out of body odor range of the person ahead of them, I am usually standing with my heels touching the barely closed door of the establishment.

If someone comes in behind me, it makes me look like the obstruction.

If only we, as humans, were able to stand within 1 foot of each other in such lines, we could avoid this scenario and all fit indoors in an orderly fashion.line spacing people


Prescribed remedy: Unless the person in front of you is farting or visibly intoxicated, stand no more than an arms length away.



Example 2:

This happens frequently in Concord. I’ll be at a stop light or stop sign – or even a drive through – and the person in front of me leaves and excessive gap between their car and the car in front of them, quite frequently causing some unnecessary blocking of traffic, intersections, or preventing me from reaching the drive through ordering menu.line spacing cars


Prescribed remedy: Unless the vehicle in front of you is giving off excessive emissions or the driver visibly intoxicated, stop no more than 1/2 car length behind them.