Since the advent of modern Rock n’ Roll in the mid 20th century, many artists have lyricized about its life, death, personification, or living/dying attributes. Like any living being, Rock has evolved (or devolved) over the course of its existence, however, as Mark Twain once quipped, rumors of its demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Here’s a quick survey of popular music referencing the life, death, or personification of Rock n’ Roll.

Rock n’ Roll is Dead – Lenny Kravitz (1995)
Heart of Rock n’ Roll (is still beating) – Huey Lewis & the News (1983)
You Can’t Kill Rock n’ Roll – Ozzy Osbourne (1982)
Long Live Rock n’ Roll – Rainbow (1978)
Rock is Dead – Long Live Rock – The Who (1974)
Rock is Dead – Marilyn Manson (1999)

“Hey, hey. My, my. Rock and Roll will never die.” ~ Hey hey. My my (Out of the blue) – Neal Young (1979)